2018 Monthly Workshops

February 16th-24th join us for Extra #10Queries Event! Prepare for #RevPit 2018

#RevPit 2018 Annual Event Begins April 21st!

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Past Workshops

September 12th at 6pm EST join us for Let's Play Pyramid: Setting Workshop Edition!

October 7th-14th join us for Bonus #10Queries Event! Get Immediate Query Letter Feedback

November 6th-10th join us for Pick the Brains of the RevPit Editors: An #AskEditor Event

December 11th-17th join the RevPit editors for giveaways, tips, and games 7 Days of Giveaways

Previous Schedule for the #RevPit 2017 Annual Event

April 7th: Submission window opens.

The submission window will open at noon EDT on Friday, April 7th, and remain open until 11:59 PM EDT on Sunday, April 9th.

April 17th: Editor picks announced.

Editor picks will be announced at noon EDT on Monday, April 17th. Author–editor teams will begin working on revisions.

May 19th: Editing round ends.

Editors and authors wrap up revisions and submit revised queries and first five pages by midnight EDT on Friday, May 19th.

May 22nd: Revised submissions showcased.

Agent-ready queries and pages will be shared on the #revpit website at noon EDT on Monday, May 22nd.