If you are ready to hire a freelance editor, some of our editors are offering deals to make it more affordable.

Hannah VanVels Ausbury

Hannah is offering a 10% discount on Editorial Assessments and Developmental Edits if booked by July 1st.

She is also offering a special RevPit Submission Package Critique (query letter + synopsis + first 5 pages) at a flat rate of $50 if booked by July 1st.

Learn more at Hannah's website.

Joel Brigham:

Joel will be offering a 10% discount on any one service to authors who submitted to him for #RevPit.

Learn more at Joel's website.

Jeni Chappelle:

Jeni Chappelle is offering a Structural Revising series to give you all the tools + skills you need to edit your own story for character, plot, and pacing (plus some worldbuilding thrown in).

She is also offering Pay What You Can for a 30-minute consultation OR brief written feedback on your query letter and first five pages (suggested price US $75).

Learn more at Jeni's website.

Miranda Darrow:

Miranda Darrow is extending a discount of 10% off current rates for Developmental Editing Services (including Manuscript Evaluations, Developmental Edit Letters, and Developmental Editing Packages) to authors who participated in the contest, regardless of whether you submitted to Miranda.

This discount will apply for any manuscript, even if it’s not the same manuscript you submitted to the contest and will be valid for editing services booked between April 13, 2023 and August 31, 2023.

Learn more at Miranda's website.

Natasha Hanova:

Natasha Hanova would love the chance to work with the RevPit community and is offering a 10% discount (coupon code: RevPit2023) on her services if booked by July 1st. She offers developmental editing, as well as a customizable submission critique package (pages, query, and/or synopsis).

Learn more at Natasha's website.

Carly Hayward:

$50 off a Shiny Submission Package or 10% off a Manuscript Evaluation!

Learn more at Carly's website.

Bethany Hensel:

Bethany is offering all RevPit participants 15% off of one-on-one services and/or entry into her Story Academy for the RevPit Only special rate of $600. The discount for the one-on-one is good until May 8, 2023.

Learn more at Bethany's website.

Katie McCoach:

Nail Your Character Arcs 4-week course! Begins next Monday, April 17th

PS. Any #RevPit-er who takes this course will receive $150 off the Prune Your Story Package (ms. strategy session). Must be redeemed by 10/15/2023.

Learn more at Katie's website.

Leah Pierre:

15% off manuscript evaluations and developmental edits, and $20 query and first 5 page critiques.

Learn more at Leah's website.

Michelle Rascon:

Michelle is offering 20% off a First Impression Critique to all #RevPit participants through June 9th, 2023! Receive clear, actionable feedback on your query letter, first five pages, and synopsis.

Purchase directly on Michelle's website.

Megan Records:

Megan is offering 25% of her new course, Stellar Submission Package, with code REVPIT25 (exp. April 30th). She is also offering 10% off manuscript critiques and developmental edits (must be booked by June 30th, but can be scheduled anytime):

Learn more at Megan's website.

Caroline M. Tell:

Caroline M. Tell would be happy to work with any of her #RevPit finalists for a discounted rate of 3% on any of her developmental services or manuscript evaluations.

To learn more about her and her services, please visit Caroline's website.

Maria Tureaud:

This year, Maria is offering 15% off all full Developmental Edits, 10% off Full manuscript Critiques. These offers are valid until August 31st 2023. In addition, Maria is offering a tailored Submission Package for RevPit: 1 query pass, 1 synopsis pass, first 10 pages pass for the discounted price of $80 USD. The tailored RevPit Submission Package is available until May 31st 2023.

Learn more at Maria's website.