RevPit Grand Prize

Entrants of our Annual Contest have the opportunity to win feedback and developmental edits on their full manuscript from one of our professional editors.

Our professional editors have donated generous amounts of time in order to help you get your manuscript as polished as possible. You win 5 weeks of our editors’ developmental editing expertise.

Developmental editing includes (but is not limited to) story-arc, character development, structure, flow, and voice. Winners will also have access to discuss their manuscripts, ask questions about how to approach revisions, and receive advice from their editors. This type of editing can be worth upwards of a thousand dollars, and grand prize winners will receive it for free.

Should you win, the editor that picks you will help you with what your manuscript needs most. Every manuscript will have different needs to get it agent-ready by the showcase stage.

Runners-up Prizes

Query and First Page Edit

Offered by: Kaitlyn Johnson

Needing to know what hooks an agent or editor? Trying to craft an opening scene that makes readers crave more? With experience as an agent and editor, Kaitlyn Johnson is offering a line edit plus feedback on your query and first page! Enter the giveaway for guidance on how to condense and focus your pitch, find what makes your story unique, and then reel in the reader with an opening they can't resist.

Synopsis Edit

Offered by: Stephanie Eding

Nobody likes writing a synopsis, but synopses actually play an important role when submitting your manuscript to agents and editors. Sometimes, they're the first impression your story makes, so it's imperative to prove that your plot holds up from beginning to end. Stephanie is offering runners-up prizes for synopses critiques. She'll go through and make in-line notes to help you find ways to really make your story stand out! She'll also make sure to point out plot or character concerns you can use when editing your full manuscript.

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