Sample Query

Dear Editor (use a more specific greeting when querying agents),

Seventeen-year-old Livia would do anything to prevent her corrupt brother from becoming king, even if it means marrying into the family responsible for killing her first love, Emery.

Livia may hate Prince Caden for his role in Emery’s death, but she’s willing to marry him for the political advantage he provides. However, once they are married Livia realizes Caden has his own political entanglements. Caden’s family has enemies who are willing to kill, and once Livia joins the family, she too becomes a target. As Caden helps her survive the attempts on her life, Livia finds herself reluctantly falling for him.

When Livia stumbles onto the murder of Caden’s brother, she realizes that Emery is both alive and hell-bent on revenge. He has a plan to destroy Caden and everyone in his family. Livia becomes torn between her gratitude that Emery lives and her fear that Caden is his next target. Caught in the midst of a court as deadly as it is elegant, Livia is left with no choice but to outsmart Emery to save her new kingdom and the husband she’s only just begun to fall for.

UNTIL DEATH is a YA non-magic fantasy that will appeal to fans of Jennifer Nielsen’s False Prince trilogy and Marie Rutkoski’s The Winner’s Curse. The story also features a romance similar to Pride and Prejudice. But with more murder. The full manuscript is complete at 60,000 words.

I earned my B.A. in 2001 from The Evergreen State College with emphases in English literature, political science, and psychology, three fields from which I regularly draw in my writing. As a member of Willamette Writers, I have attended their annual conference for the last three years, where I moderated the panel on Women in Fantasy in 2016. I also have a growing online platform on Twitter and my website.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


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