Annual Contest Submission Examples

Visual Examples of the Annual Contest Submission Form

Section 1:

#RevPit 2024 Submission Form </br>Welcome to #RevPit! Submissions will be accepted from March 14th, 2024 at 12:00pm EST and remain open until 12pm EST on March 17th, 2024. </br>In this form, writers submit their manuscript information to their top three editors, who will then go through submissions and select one winner. These matches will go through an intense, eight week-long editing process before reposting their submissions from finalized projects. </br>What You’ll Need: Your full manuscript, your query letter & the first five pages of your manuscript as a separate document, your synopsis, a logline, editor choices, and answers to questions. Check out our website for more information: </br>Email * </br>Full Name and/or Pen Name * </br>Optional: What are your pronouns? (We will default to "they" when referring to entrants unless indicated otherwise here.</br> What is your Reddit handle? Enter N/A if you are not engaging on our subreddit or do not have one.* </br>What is your primary social media link? Enter N/A if you do not have any social media..* </br>By clicking the submit button at the end of this form, you hereby confirm that: 1) By entering this contest you agree to all terms laid out in the RevPit Code of Conduct that can be found here: 2) By entering this contest you retain all rights to your writing and we have no copyright interest or claims to your work. 3) Your submission materials are your own original work; 4) The manuscript you are submitting has never been published before; 5) You are not represented by a literary agent; 6) If selected, you are able to commit to 8 weeks of editing with your editor; 7) If selected, you agree to allow us to publish your revised query letter and first five pages on for 3 months or until you secure an agent representation or a publishing contract.</br> I agree to the terms above. * </br>[checkbox] Yes)

Section 2:

Your Editors </br>This is where you'll indicate your editor picks.</br> Editor Choices: Pick any THREE editors. If you select more, your entry may be disqualified. * </br>[checkbox] Editor Option 1 </br>[checkbox] Editor Option 2 </br>[checkbox] Editor Option 3

Section 3:

Your Answers </br>These questions will help us get to know you and your entry better! </br>Why did you choose these editors as the best match for you and your manuscript? * </br>Why is working with an editor helpful for you at this point, and what are your concerns about your manuscript? * </br>Have you queried or entered this manuscript in other mentorship or similar contests (please include if you are currently querying or being considered for other programs)? If so, what were the results (including any feedback you received)? * </br>What other feedback have you received, and have you applied that feedback or not? If not, why? * </br>Why do you love your main character? * </br>Is there anything you are completely unwilling to change about your manuscript? *

Section 4:

Your Manuscript Information </br>If you aren't sure which age category or genre to choose, pick the one that's the best match. </br>Manuscript Title * </br>Age Category * </br>[checkbox] Middle Grade </br>[checkbox] Young Adult </br>[checkbox] Adult </br>Genre * </br>[checkbox] Romance </br>[checkbox] Mystery/Thriller </br>[checkbox] Fantasy </br>[checkbox] Science fiction/speculative </br>[checkbox] Horror </br>[checkbox] Historical fiction </br>[checkbox] Contemporary/general fiction </br>[checkbox] Book club/women's fiction </br>Optional: Subgenre </br>Word Count * </br>Logline *

Section 5:

Upload Your Documents: </br>The last step! Here is where you will share your documents with us. </br>Upload your QUERY LETTER and FIRST FIVE PAGES in ONE document here. Accepted file formats are .doc, .docx, and .pdf. * </br>Please list any content warnings for your FIRST FIVE PAGES. If none, enter N/A. * </br>Upload your SYNOPSIS here. Accepted file formats are .doc, .docx, and .pdf. * </br>Upload your FULL MANUSCRIPT here. Accepted file formats are .doc, .docx, and .pdf. * </br>Please list any content warnings for your FULL MANUSCRIPT. If none, enter N/A. *

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