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Heidi Shoham is a professional editor with over thirteen years’ experience editing for both publishing houses and indie authors. After getting her BA in English language and literature, Heidi spent ten years as a senior editor at Samhain Publishing, over two years as an editorial director at Entangled Publishing, and has worked on various projects for Kensington Lyrical. Heidi’s edited for numerous New York Times and USA Today bestselling authors and helped launch many debut authors. When Heidi’s not working on edits, she can be found wrangling her three wildling kids, her monster dog, and a semi-feral cat who can never decide if she wants in or out.

Pronouns: She/Her


What I’m looking for:

I love romance—YA, NA, and Adult—or any story with strong romantic elements.

I especially like:

  • Category romance—classic tropes as well as twists on old favorites.
  • Single-title romance packed with tons of conflict, subplots, and supporting characters.
  • Character-driven stories with authentic conflict and real emotion —even the simplest conflicts can be packed with emotion if I’m invested in the character’s story.
  • Authentic, fun banter between characters that have great chemistry.
  • Angsty heroes, antiheroes, alpha heroes.

Things I’m less interested in:

  • Middle Grade
  • Children’s books
  • Nonfiction
  • Horror

How can a manuscript’s first five pages make you sit up and take notice?

I want a story to immediately grab me. Get going with the story, with what you’re here to say, and don’t spend those all-important first few pages explaining how we’re going to get to the story. I know it’s not very helpful when editors say it’s an author’s voice they’re most drawn to, since “voice” is so subjective and difficult to define, but it’s the truth. And I’m looking for a voice that engages me right from that first page.

What can writers expect from working with you during #RevPit, including communication?

It’s important we work as a team, that an author knows I’m on their side and that my goal is to help get the book ready for readers. Everything we do has an element of give and take. I work best with open, honest communication.

For this contest, I’ll be focusing on the big-picture —plot, pacing, structure, characterization, arcs, etc. I’ll provide a comprehensive edit letter with feedback on these aspects, and then we can email for brainstorming and troubleshooting.

What do you expect from writers during the #RevPit revision process, including communication?

Open communication and commitment to hard work.

What hobbies do you have outside of writing and editing?

I love reading a good book —of course —and I listen to audiobooks when I’m out for long walks with my monster dog who never runs out of energy. I also love watching TV and… Honestly, I have three kids, so I don’t have a lot of time for hobbies. I used to ride horses before I became a mom, and I spent my teen years as a catch rider.

What is your favorite book to reread, and why?

Hmmm, that’s a tough one, and the answer depends on my mood. I love rereading Julie Garwood’s old historicals, N.J. Walters’s paranormals, Zoe York’s small town romances, and old fantasies from Eddings and Robert Jordan.

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