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Maria is one half Tolkien, one half Captain Kirk. She began writing fan fiction in high school and hasn't looked back since; not even when university forced her to write fancier shmancier things. Though she double-majored in English Literature and Philosophy, Maria discovered a love for editing. She is also an MG, YA, and Adult writer. Her MG debut, THE LAST HOPE IN HOPETOWN, releases Fall of 2022 from Little, Brown and Company/Hachette. With fourteen years freelance developmental editing under her belt, and a strange penchant for query writing, she strives to break down the doors, change conversations, and polish manuscripts until they shine.

Pronouns: She/Her


I’m changing things up a bit for 2022, and opening my MSWL to the following genres:

  1. Adult Historical Fiction. Word to the wise…I’m a history aficionado, and if I’m unfamiliar with a certain era, I will research to ensure accuracy. My favorite historical periods include the Viking Age, the Restoration Period, and the late 1700’s. I would like to see untold/rarely told stories (no Anne Boleyn, Marie Antoinette, etc.), and any manuscript that throws a spotlight on underrepresented groups of any era. Philippa Gregory and Anya Seton are two of my favorite Historical Fiction authors.
  2. YA—Dystopian Fantasy, Sci-Fi Fantasy. I’m looking for fresh, gritty, well-written dystopian and SFF that grips me from the first page. I need stories that go beyond the plot of a post-apocalyptic intrigue—the character stories. Think about The Walking Dead, where survival is less about the zombies, and more about the human experience.
  3. Middle Grade—all genres, though I do have a very special place in my heart for dark, Upper MG, MG Horror, and MG Paranormal.
  4. Adult, Young Adult, and Middle Grade HORROR. But let me be clear—no slasher/gore bonanzas. I’m not looking for shock value. I want hair-raising, sleep with the light on feels that leave me in a state of panic (I’m the toughest person to scare, so anyone who can do this is my new idol). Think Parting The Veil, Mexican Gothic, The Year Of The Witching, City of Ghosts.
  5. #ownvoices (As an immigrant, this is very dear to my heart)
  6. Ace representation
  7. YA Fantasy…but let me be clear: I’m extremely picky. Unless it lives and breathes two or more elements from my “Things I love” section, please send it to another editor as you’ll stand a better chance.

Things I love:

  • New twists on tired tropes—friends to lovers, love triangles, chosen ones, etc. Make it fresh…polyamory? Chosen ones who turn into the antagonist? Whatever it is, it needs to jump off the page and make me sit up straight
  • Vampires and werewolves! GIVE THEM TO ME…but keep it different. New rules, new settings, new everything!
  • Pre-Regency historical, any country
  • Most fantasy sub-genres
  • Light sci-fi (think Outlander)
  • K-DRAMAS! The political intrigue, the killer sub-plots, the CHARACTER DEPTH! If you think you’ve mastered the art of Korean story-telling, please send me your manuscript. Some of my recent faves include: The Rookie Historian, The King: Eternal Monarch, My Country: The New Age, Heirs, The Silent Sea, Start-Up.

Preferred Markets:

  • Upper MG
  • YA
  • Adult

Do NOT Send:

  • Books depicting slave trade (African or European), unless they are ownvoices
  • Erotica
  • Royals (In fantasy…if there are royals in your historical, that’s acceptable), or Mermaids
  • Sparkly vampires or wizards (in other words, the same, tired worldbuilding as Dracula or Anne Rice)
  • Gore/Slashers
  • Contemporary
  • High Fantasy
  • Adult Sci-fi
  • Romance that’s actually erotica
  • Rape…masquerading as romance
  • Abuse…masquerading as romance
  • Redemption arcs for abusers
  • Historical Fiction set in my lifetime, or a decade before, because…that makes me feel some sort of way. Nothing from the 1970’s, 80’s, or 90’s unless it's Middle Grade.

How can a manuscript’s first five pages make you sit up and take notice?

First and foremost, the individual voice of the main character. When the narrative voice meshes with the voice of a character, magic happens. Secondly, beginning in a scene that sets up both the main character’s CURRENT stakes, and their Emotional Wound, so that I’m invested from the first paragraph.

What can writers expect from working with you during #RevPit, including communication?

Writers can expect honesty. If something’s not working, I will tell you. I’m good for bouncing ideas, and will offer craft help when appropriate. Communication-wise, you can expect a full edit letter and an appointment to discuss the work required of the writer to get our showcase materials all shiny. I will also make myself available for support when my schedule allows.

What do you expect from writers during the #RevPit revision process, including communication?

I expect writers to be open to feedback, and willing to make the necessary changes. As far as communication goes, I expect writers to reach out when in need of support, and to let me know if life gets in the way so we can modify our editorial plan together.

What hobbies do you have outside of writing and editing?

Reading! And WATCHING ALL THE K-DRAMAS!! If you're a Lee Min-Ho, Kim Seon-Ho, or Wo Do-Hwan stan, we're already besties. Other than that, no real hobbies beyond being conscious of self-care, especially during These Times. But I do try to be a kick-ass mom to my kid.

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