Have you ever gone on a camp retreat and felt that spark of rejuvenation? Whether you attended as a kid or an adult, there’s something magical about turning off your life for a few precious moments and rediscovering your passion.

When you’re not chosen for a contest, a mentorship, or if you’re sitting on an inbox full of story rejections, it can begin to weigh you down. These moments often come with self-doubt, hesitation, or feelings of dejection. But you are not alone—and the RevPit community is here to help.

Welcome to #CampRevPit!

Under the #RevPit flag, our RevPit winners and runner-up alumni want to recapture that camp spirit and help writers rediscover their writing passion. We are on a mission to support the #RevPit community with new opportunities to find feedback, encouragement, and writer buddies that could turn into lifelong partnerships—along with some fun Twitter games to keep the sun shining through the dark clouds.

So what is #CampRevPit?

Unlike other #RevPit events, #CampRevPit is author-led by our team of Camp Counselors, made up of previous RevPit alumni and volunteers from the community. Our goal is to offer an opportunity for every struggling writer to get the support they need, regardless of where you are in your journey.

Huge thanks to the #RevPit alumni helping to organize!

Our camp has three sections, and you’re welcome to join any—or all!


Follow the #CampRevPit hashtag to play along with Twitter games and writing prompts throughout each week! Click here to take you straight to the hashtag.


The Camp RevPit Cabins group DM chats on Twitter. You’ll be matched up with other writers and have your very own Cabin Counselor to support each other, run writing sprints (or crawls!) with, and hopefully make some new writing friends.


Looking for an extra set of eyes on your query package, or maybe you need a boost of confidence that your pages are doing something right? We will match you with other writers in the same age category and genre, and you and your partner will decide the best way for you to swap materials (email? Google drive?). Please note that you will be both receiving and giving feedback.

Camp RevPit offers three styles of feedback:

  • Query Critiques
  • First Page Critiques
  • Positivity Pass

What's a Positivity Pass? It is a critique without the negative. You and your partner will provide only comments on all the amazing things about each other’s pages. You can learn all about it here at Katie Golding’s website.

So how do I join?

Everyone can participate in the prompts and games on Twitter, but we need authors interested in joining the cabins and feedback to sign up so we can match everyone. This event is open to the whole writing community.

Sign up is open October 10-16: Click here to sign up!

Please note that this is a RevPit-sponsored event, so all participants are subject to our Nondiscrimination/Anti-Harassment Policy and Complaint Procedure, which you can read here. Thanks for keeping Camp RevPit a safe and inclusive environment for everyone!

Authors from BIPOC, LGBTQ+, disabled, neurodiverse, and other historically marginalized communities are welcome and encouraged to participate.

Bonus Art Contest

Want your amazing artwork or design available in the Revise & Resub store? Well guess what, now you have a chance! We're accepting any artwork that is bookish/writing/RevPit related, so go crazy!

Click Here to Enter Now!

There will be two rounds to this contest:

  • Round One: All submissions go through an editor round and the editors pick their favorites
  • Round Two: The top choices are presented to the wonderful #RevPit Community and everyone gets a chance to vote on their favorite!

Once a winner has been chosen their design will be available in the #RevPit store! (Plus they win awesome bragging rights)

The winner is eligible for a query critique for themselves or for another writer of their choice

All proceeds from items sold in our store will go directly to We Need Diverse Books, a non-profit organization that advocates essential changes in the publishing industry. Visit our store here.


  • October 11th: Entries Due
  • October 12th - 16th: Editor Round
  • October 17th: Finalists Announced
  • October 17th - 29th: Community Voting
  • October 30th: Winner Announced

Limit 3 entries per person

Not interested in entering? Get ready to vote!

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